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Earls Tin Palace (Edmonton)

Earls Edmonton Tin Palace

A new renovation was slated for the existing flagship location on Jasper Avenue, in Edmonton, Alberta. The Earls Design team's creativity had massive plans for this location. Karice was able to assist with many aspects of the newly renovated Earls Tin Palace location in Edmonton.

Earls design team first task was to update the lighting with an industrial appeal. A huge dining light installation was conceptualized by the team. Karice worked with Earls to create a huge chandelier that was installed in the dining room. The installation is 11-feet by 45-feet. The design included eighteen industrial faux beams and twenty-three lights that mimicked crane trucks. Clear coated black iron accentuated the appeal of the fixtures. All fixture design and engineering was completed by the team at Karice.

A custom bar chandelier was also required to suspended over the new bar height table. The lighting creation utilizes commercial kitchen mixing whisks as the shade around each of the light bulbs. The industrial glass windows were also created by Karice.

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