Custom Lighting Design

Custom lighting installation for Caffe Artigiano
CAFFE ARTIGIANO – Park Royal, West Vancouver, BC
CAFFE ARTIGIANO – Park Royal, West Vancouver, BC 1024 768 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

New Custom lighting installation –  Box Interiors designed a beautiful custom lighting installation for the newly renovated Caffe Artigiano in Park Royal in West Vancouver.  An eight foot diameter lighting ring was the design concept brought to Karice by Box Interior Design.  The end result is spectacular a total eye catching feature to the cafe.  Our Caffe Artigiano project page shows more pictures of this custom lighting installation made for this location.

CUSTOM LIGHTING for Caffe Artigiano in Park Royal – Karice and Box Interior Design collaborate.

Tricia Link of Box Interior Design in Vancouver collaborated with Karice when bringing their lighting design to life for the newly renovated Caffe Artigiano in Park Royal.  The lighting concepts were drawn up by Tricia, and Karice went to work to see how to make the design work.  The concept included an 8ft diameter lighting ring that would suspend nine Rejuvenation Cedar & Moss 14″ pendants.  Faced with the challenge of enabling the lights to be re-lamped was one obstacle that had to be overcome.  Maurice came up with the idea of individual clamping brackets that held the pendant wires into place.  This eliminated the need to store excess wire in the ring that would be needed facilitate the re-lamping process.   Our next challenge was a bigger one.  We had completed our shop drawings, and asked the question, “will the eight foot ring fit through the door?”  Unfortunately the cafe was equipped with only a single door.  This obstacle would make it impossible to fit an eight foot diameter ring through the door.  Back to the drawing board, Karice redesigned the light so that it would come apart in three pieces. Once shop drawings were approved Karice went to work to build the ring.

AutoCAD was used to draft up the shop drawings for this lighting installation.  Pieces were cut on our Omax Water Jet Machining Center.   Using solid sheet aluminum the light was crafted with three layers and three sections.  Each section joins together using overlapping joints and fasteners.  A unique canopy was also built for the project.  A unique clamping mechanism was built into the canopy that would clamp all nine pendant wires to keep them taut once the light was hanging.  This is another service the team a Karice offers.  Always trying to think all possible outcomes that will occur from an installation such as this.

Once the lighting ring was completed a pre-assembly was completed on our mezzanine.  This is one step that we always complete.  Pre-assembly assures that our product will fit in its final home.

Box Interior Design has also posted photos of this project on their website and can be viewed HERE.


Custom 8ft ring for Caffe Artigiano

Custom bespoke lighting for Caffe Artigiano

Custom lighting installation for Caffe Artigiano

Caffe Artigiano Custom Lighting Installation at their Park Royal location



Caffe Artigiano in process photo of cnc programming

Caffe Artigiano in process photo of cnc programming


Caffe Artigiano pre-assembly on mezzanine

Caffe Artigiano pre-assembly on mezzanine



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Stunning artistry. Sophisticated design. Seamless process. That’s the Karice way, and that’s what we do every day. For more information about us or to see how we may collaborate with you or build custom lighting works for you, contact us by sending us an email or calling us at 604-542-7137.

Romer's Custom Lighting
ROMER’S BURGER BAR – Port Moody 1024 683 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

New Vintage Custom LED lighting design –  Vintage and modern team up to create the new lighting installation at the Romer’s Burger Bar in Port Moody.  Four brand new lighting concepts were brought to life by the team at Karice.  The end result was stunning, adding to the warmth and glow of this new dining location on Morrissey road.  Our ROMERS project page shows more pictures of these custom lights made for this location.

CUSTOM LIGHTING for Romer’s Burger Bar in Port Moody – Karice and CLO Design collaborate.

Robert Clark of CLO Design in Seattle contacted Karice when trying to source lighting for the new ROMERS Burger Bar in Port Moody.  The lighting concepts were drawn up by Robert, and Karice immediately fell in love.  Karice has been working with CLO Design for years, and has always loved what they come up with.  They are innovators in their own right.  To work on this new restaurant location was exciting, and we couldn’t wait to get started.

The look and feel of the restaurant has a vintage appeal.  We loved it.  As you enter into the front door one is greeted by two large starburst style chandeliers.  Each light is equipped with vintage edison style LED bulbs.  The lights are huge at a 5ft diameter globe shape.

In the dining area two large 5ft diameter chandeliers were made.  Each light has (x24) candelabra bulbs.  Feit Electric’s new edison LED Bulbs were perfect for the light.  Feit has done an amazing job on reproducing the warm glow of the incandescent bulbs.

The six booth tables have a steel pendant light that hangs over each location.  The steel shades were made with thin gauge mild steel, and were left with a natural steel finish.  Each shade was coated with a clear epoxy finish to preserve the look.  Each steel pendant is illuminated with a single edison LED bulb.

Upstairs in the Growler room is an inviting space for sitting at the bar.  Three large rings and custom 8-lamp chandeliers were meticulously installed on the ceiling on the mezzanine level.


Romer's Custom Lighting

Romer’s Burger Bar Custom lighting Design. Collaboration with CLO Design

Romer's Burger Bar Custom Steel Pendants

Custom Steel Pendants for Romers

Custom Lighting Design by Karice

Custom lighting created for Romers by Karice

Custom Steel Pendant lights for Romers by Karice

Custom Steel Pendants for Romer’s Burger Bar by Karice




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Stunning artistry. Sophisticated design. Seamless process. That’s the Karice way, and that’s what we do every day. For more information about us or to see how we may collaborate with you or build custom lighting works for you, contact us by sending us an email or calling us at 604-542-7137.

GOOD ANIMAL and KARICE COLLABORATE ON CUSTOM LIGHTING 1024 768 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

Good Animal, Karice Enterprises collaborate to create Custom Design Pendant Lights

In December 2014, Karice was approached by Vancouver Lighting Designer, Hesam Ghaemi to collaborate with him on a new custom lighting installation for the new Earls to be built at Mall Millennia in Orlando, Florida, USA.  Hesam had a new idea for custom design pendant lights.

Two lighting designs were quoted to Good Animal in February of 2015.  Only one of Hesam’s lighting designs was selected by the Earls Design Team to be used in their new project in Orlando.

Shortly thereafter, the project was awarded to Good Animal to build fifteen new custom designed pendant lights for the new location in Orlando.  Karice was contracted by Good Animal to further design and craft the pendant lights, and to bring Hesam’s vision to life.


Karice immediately went to work to prepare the shop drawings for the project.  Round four shop drawings were approved by Earls in the fall of 2015.  In December, Karice began the process of drafting the mechanical construction drawings.  Production began shortly thereafter.

Fifteen custom design pendant luminaires were crafted by the team at Karice for the new project.  Design challenges included the sloped ceiling that the lights were to be mounted to.  An approximate angle was provided by architects.  Using this angle Karice designed a two piece canopy that was sloped as well as adjustable.  Site conditions are never what they seem, so  this was calculated into the design of the custom ceiling canopy.

Slight aesthetic design changes did occur along the way.  The back metal diffusers were originally black, and were changed to gold.  The height of the glass diffusers were modified, to suit the bulb that was eventually selected.  Everything had to be perfect for the new project, and perfect it was.  The final result was stunning.

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Stunning artistry. Sophisticated design. Seamless process. That’s the Karice way, and that’s what we do every day. For more information about us or to see how we may collaborate with you or build custom lighting works for you, contact us by sending us an email or calling us at 604-542-7137.

DSC_0923 Good Animal and Karice custom lighting


DIAMOND LUXENNEA – New Custom Installation for Residential Home
DIAMOND LUXENNEA – New Custom Installation for Residential Home 768 1024 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

In June of this year, our client, Angelo Minichiello. contacted us from New Market, Ontario.  Angelo loved our Diamond Luxennea chandelier.  He had the perfect spot in mind for this custom light – A grand splash was to be made in his front entrance.  Angelo wanted a few subtle changes made in the design.  The top, seven foot diameter ring was to have the lights point up and out, instead of down.  Color temperature was also key, so a 6500K color temperature was selected for the LEDs that would be used in the light.

shop drawing

Karice went to work on the shop drawings for our client.  One hurdle to overcome was the sloped ceiling where the light would be mounted.  Using trigonometry, Angelo was able to provide the team at Karice with the exact angle of the ceiling.  Using this custom angle, a custom two-piece, sloped canopy was designed and made for the light.

With the new light to be installed, it was important to our client that the existing lights in the house be modified, so that there would be continuity in the newly updated space.  Four existing pendants were dismantled, and all parts were shipped to Karice for re-finishing.  New hexagonal ceiling canopies were also crafted by Karice to complete the tie in.  The parts were sandblasted, and an identical oil rubbed bronze finish was applied to the new light, new ceiling canopies and existing lighting parts.

DSC_5832 - Diamond Luxennea for custom installation in New Market

Once the custom light was completed, we went to work carefully packaging everything for it’s long journey across the country.  A custom wooden crate was made to package the finished product.  A week later, the light arrived safely at it’s new home.  Once installed, the final results could not be more pleasing.  The Diamond Luxennea, is perfect in it’s new home.  The pictures show the stunning results.








The night shot is like a gallery.

Diamond Luxennea installed in residence in Ontario, BC

Diamond Luxennea installed in residence in Ontario, Canada

PHOTOGRAPHY CREDIT: Karice Photo – Jordan N. Dery;  Install Shots – Angelo Minichiello.  More photos at flickr>

Sprocket LED Chandelier
The Sprocket
The Sprocket 1024 576 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

Introducing Maurice Dery’s Sprocket

How many 10-foot by 10-foot (3m x 3m) chandeliers showcase 37 years of experience, while incorporating one-of-a-kind energy efficient lighting technology?  Only one.  The Sprocket is the culmination of Maurice Dery’s career as an industrial artisan.  Maurice wanted to create an epic project to reflect his custom lighting design expertise, while highlighting his architectural metalworking experience.  The Sprocket reflects just that.

Karice Sprocket and Chain LED Chandelier

Sprocket and Chain Industrial Chandelier

The gigantic LED chandelier is a functioning gear, made to scale.  The inner 5-ft diameter steel sprocket was meticulously crafted to not only interlock with the chain but to have a finish that reflects the true wear-and-tear of a real sprocket.  The outer aluminum chain has been built in modules, so it can be as long or short as desired.  Both the chain and sprocket have acrylic facing, illuminated by dimmable energy-efficient LEDs.

Suspended by aircraft cables, the Sprocket appears to be floating in mid-air.  As you’ll notice, there are no power cables or visible fasteners.  It’s been designed to hide all ‘visual pollution’ to give the highest aesthetic quality.  

Karice lighting technology

Innovative Lighting Technology

To create this innovative lighting fixture, Karice had to invent its own lighting system.  The light is powered and supported by one-of-a-kind lighting technology invented by Karice.

This is the type of innovation Maurice Dery and the team at Karice Enterprises are known for.  When technology or components don’t exist, they create them!  This love for creating the “impossible” is the essence of the Sprocket.  It’s why Karice exists.

Karice Sprocket and Chain Light over red truck

West Coast Canadian Design and Manufacturing

Vancouver is increasingly becoming a world-renowned design hub. This is a well-known fact. What is less known is that manufacturing on Canada’s West Coast is alive and well! Karice is proudly producing 100% Canadian-made products every day. (And our recent awards at the largest and most prestigious global competitions speaks to the quality of what’s being made here in the Vancouver area.)

Frankie's Chilliwack
Frankie’s Chilliwack
Frankie’s Chilliwack 1024 678 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

We had a lot of fun working on the feature light for Frankie’s Chilliwack. The brand new Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar in Chilliwack, BC was the brilliance of Monica Jeffers Interior Design. MJID created the concept and provided the beautiful design.

Classic Aesthetic, Modern Functionality

What we love most about it is how much it highlights our diversity and versatility. It has a traditional European look and yet it is functionally hi-tech, with an ultralight aluminum frame and an energy efficient LED lamp. The finish, in particular, is something we are very proud of. This may be our best light feature yet.

Custom Manufacturing to the Core

A lot went into this piece. Nearly every single component was custom crafted. The frame was fabricated out of aluminum. The acrylic diffuser incorporated a custom printed bronze design. The scrollwork brackets were custom fabricated. And the finial protruding from the base was custom CNC machined out of solid billet aluminum.

Beautiful Frankie’s Chilliwack

The final product hangs high above the main dining area. and is approximately 4-feet tall and nearly 5-feet in diameter. It’s beautiful.

Pendant Lighting Styles, Shades, Materials and Colours
Pendant Lighting Styles, Shades, Materials and Colours 150 150 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

Pendant lighting styles are very unique and diverse in the modern world. They come in many different colours such as black, white, red, blue, orange – the sky is the limit.

Pendant Lighting Styles and Shades – Wide Variety of Materials and Finishes

Pendant lights are incredibly versatile and stylish lighting fixtures that work well with most interior spaces. For one, pendant light shades come in different materials and finishes. At Karice, we stick to things like copper, silver, iron, brass, glass… and avoid things like cotton, polyester, etc as we design and build pendants for commercial and retail spaces as opposed to residential spaces.

Popular Fabric Pendant Shades VS Treated Wood and Metal

Some popular fabric pendant shades can also be made out of linen, burlap, hemp, jute and rattan and paired with wood or metal panels. At Karice we prefer a more polished, professional and sleek look and feel so we may opt to design a shade of wood and metal – and omit the fabric.

Fabric Shades for Residential Dwellings – We Focus on Metals for Businesses and Professional Establishments

Fabric shades are more suited for residential dwellings in the living room or bedroom. Since we are a custom manufacturer and metalwork outfit, our products are more tailored for business owners of restaurants or establishments where an atmosphere for the public needs to be created.

We are mentioning fabric here because we are very passionate about what we do and know that once you hire us for your project you will be glad you didn’t choose fabric! Our award winning designer really knows his stuff.

Pendant Lighting is Soft, Diffused and Striking – We Carefully Design Based on Where Your Lights Will be Installed

Our pendant lighting styles provide soft, diffused lighting without any harsh glare as we carefully take everything into consideration, including where the lighting will be placed.

Glass Pendant Shades for Elegance and to Open a Room Up – Clear, Frosted, Tinted, Etched, Any Style, Any Way

Glass pendant shades can add a touch of elegance and open a room up because they are see through and airy in appearance. Different treatments like frosted, tiffany style and tinted can create a beautiful look. Metal pendant shades also act as statement pieces and can be polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed or glossed nickel, black iron finish or anything else that you would like. We do it all and believe nothing is impossible!

Benefits of Ordering Pendant Lighting from a Custom Lighting Manufacturer Rather Than Amazon, Home Depot, IKEA, Costco

Pendant lights of various colours, materials and styles may be found at Amazon, Costco, Home Depot and IKEA, but your choices are limited to what they currently have in stock. One model may have the perfect design but the wrong colour. Another might be in the right colour but in a style that doesn’t match the space where it will be installed.

The bottom line here though is that these stores are awesome for homes and small offices. In restaurants, retail chains, hotels or upscale environments, you need a custom manufacturer to create a look that is perfect and professional for you and your patrons.

Choose a Custom Lighting Manufacturer Over a Retail Store for Quality, Durability, Design and Reliability

With custom lighting manufacturers, pendant lights can be made in the exact colour, style and material that you are looking for. They are also much more high end and “finished”. Hiring a custom manufacturer will save you time and money in the long run because instead of browsing through countless models in retail stores, you have the freedom to create something truly custom that will match your space.

At Karice we build things to last too, so they will last for many years to come. Compared to cheap options, that could be embarrassing, we ensure you that our work has high quality craftsmanship and has been engineered correctly.

Order Modern Pendant Lighting for Your Business – Kitchen, Kitchen Island, Lobby, Entrance or any Room You’d Like to Spice Up

The design flexibility of modern pendant lighting makes it ideal for kitchen, lobby, entrance or any room. Pendant lighting doesn’t take up much room so lights can be suspended just about anywhere. For a chique and minimalist style, you may want to consider pendant lighting in an open room where they can act as a focal point. Pendant lights can be made in many different shapes and sizes too, in order to match your space.

Contact Us Today About Pendant Lighting Styles and See How We Can Create a Stunning Lighting System for You

Pendant lights make for excellent task lighting fixtures when hung over kitchen islands, nooks, crannies or other tight spaces where you need light, but have limited space. Our award winning designer can work with you to create the perfect lighting solution for you. To learn more about Karice Enterprises you can contact us by email or give us a call at 604-542-7137. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have and would love to work with you on your next project. We can create a wide variety of pendant lighting styles and customize them seamlessly with your space.

Custom Modern Chandeliers for Sale – Custom Lighting Manufacturer
Custom Modern Chandeliers for Sale – Custom Lighting Manufacturer 150 150 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

If you would like to buy large, custom modern chandeliers, we have a beautiful chandelier collection of one of a kind designs that are sure to please. There are many chandelier lights that we can fabricate, from modest to rustic to contemporary to grand ornate centerpieces. There are a lot of materials that can be used as well like wrought-iron, wood and candle shaped bulbs to name a few. If you are shopping for chandeliers with dangling crystals, we may be able to accommodate. Today’s selection of lighting fixtures is more diverse than ever, with contemporary or modern designs featuring geometric forms, clean lines and combining different materials like metal and glass together.

Buy large Modern Chandeliers for Sale – Custom Lighting Manufacturer

We are one of the leading custom lighting manufacturers in Canada and can design and fabricate one or more custom chandeliers for you. We will work with you to ensure that your new chandelier(s) look like works of art and encompass your style. Our in house Designer and Machinist, Jordan Dery is ready to help!

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Chandelier – Let Us Take Away the Guesswork

Large modern chandelier lights can be tricky to scale for your space, but here at Karice, we know how large of a chandelier you will need for your space. We will make sure that lighting output is sufficient and that the right kind of lighting is used to set the tone you want to create.

DIY Design Tips to Help You Figure Out What Kind of Custom Chandelier You Want Manufactured

Before you spend time with a manufacturing or design consultant, you may want to try some things out (DIY) on your own so that you can better articulate what you are trying to achieve. Looking at a few different chandelier styles, with various textures and embellishments like shades will help to inspire you to create your very own custom work of art.

If this isn’t your forte, don’t worry, we can show you different styles of custom modern chandeliers (including other styles) and go over different lighting options so that you can see what each may look like in your space. We build chandeliers that are low voltage, adjustable, free of glare and use environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. We will help you to create a chandelier that is perfect for your establishment.

Choose from Various Custom Chandelier Styles Like Rustic or Modern for your Establishment

We can help you to design a gorgeous set of chandeliers for your establishment’s dining or living room, show room, entrance or any area that you would like to add emphasis to.

With our superior craftsmanship and state of the art manufacturing facility, your options are almost endless for custom modern chandeliers or any other style you way want. We enjoy challenges and creating elegant, striking or complex designs. Custom lighting is our passion and we would love to work with you! Contact us by calling 604-542-7137 or by sending us an email.

Custom Floating LED Chandelier – The Diamond Luxennea
Custom Floating LED Chandelier – The Diamond Luxennea 1024 678 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

Our custom floating LED chandelier, The Diamond Luxenna was fabricated by Karice Enterprises LTD. We are a custom lighting manufacturer in BC. The Diamond Luxennea chandelier is inspired by geometric shapes and the Florentine Diamond. Photos presented are of our two-tier Diamond Luxennea Light.

Large Scale Custom Chandelier – 9 Sided Geometric Shape

Inspired by geometric shapes, Karice began the process of developing this large scale custom chandelier. A nonagon or enneagon is a closed plane figure made up of nine equal sides.  Like the “Florentine Diamond”, both the Diamond Luxennea and the famous stone have nine sides.

Why We Named this Custom Chandelier “Lux”

Lux is the latin word for light and LUX is also known as a standardized unit of measurement of light intensity. This light fixture’s namesake comes from the words Lux and Enneagon.

Unique Outward and Downward Illumination for Maximum Light

We love the nine sided shape, as this offers much visual interest. Some of our most recent creations have their illumination pointing inward. Although beautiful, this arrangement does not always emit the greatest amount of LUX / light.  With careful consideration given to creating a greater amount of LUX, we decided to have the illumination on this light fixture pointing outwards and downwards.

Inspired by the facets in a diamonds, we had the sides of the Diamond Luxennea pointing down at 45 degrees. This arrangement gives the illusion of a greater amount of faceted sides.

Diamond Luxenna Custom Chandelier Design – Large Scale Light Fixture Manufacturer

The Diamond Luxennea is yet another original chandelier design by Karice Enterprises Ltd. Our vast experience in creating large scale light fixtures and lighting installations was put to use.

The enneagon shapes are seven foot and five foot diameter. We have photographed the Diamond Luxennea on top of a Porsche 911 Carrera so that one is able to grasp the large scale of this lighting creation. The hanging height of each light was meticulously set. A continuous visual line is evident from one light to the other.

Aluminum Extrusion, TIG Welding and Bending Create a Seamless and Precise Floating LED Chandelier

Utilizing design innovations developed by Karice from previous projects, we were able to make the Luxennea Diamond Light Fixture come to life. Karice’s own unique custom aluminum extrusion was once again put to use to make this awe inspiring light fixture. Carefully TIG welded and blended in, we were able to achieve a seamless construction. We have used energy efficient LEDs as the Diamond Luxennea’s primary light source. Suspended by aircraft cables the Diamond Luxennea literally appears to be floating in the air. Our floating LED chandelier is truly a work of art.

All fixture design, product development and manufacturing of the Diamond Luxennea were completed at the Karice facility, by Karice employees. The powder coated finishing was outsourced to local vendors.

Contact Us to Order Your Very Own Custom Diamond Luxennea Custom Floating LED Chandelier

If you would like to order your very own custom floating LED chandelier, The Luxenna, or to have a custom chandelier manufactured please contact us by calling 604-542-7137. We look forward to designing and fabricating an original piece just for you.

Dodeca LED Pendant, lighting design, lighting design Vancouver, Modern lighting, Dodeca
Dodeca Light
Dodeca Light 1024 410 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

The Dodeca is a simple and elegant design that we are very proud of. It has taken on a life of its own and gained significant notoriety, so we thought it’d be worth making public the story that led to this beautiful creation…

The story begins in March 2014.  The concept originated with Earls Restaurants’ design team, who had hired Matthew Mate Lighting Ltd. (now Matthew McCormick Design Inc.) to collaborate with Karice to create a large, faceted, multi-ring custom light to be hung in the front entrance of Earls Glenarm in Denver, Colorado. 


ABOVE: Sideview of original shop drawing.

The original concept brought to Karice involved eleven brass rings ranging from 3-1/2 to 9-feet round, with 24 to 26 facets (so essentially a circle with edges). Although it was a cool concept (really cool, actually!), Karice knew it would be prohibitively expensive to build, so in the initial shop drawings Karice reduced the 24-26 facets down to nine facets per unit. However, in the final shop drawing submission, Matthew McCormick persuaded the team to increase it to twelve facets; hence, the Greek name Dodeca  – meaning, “twelve”. (Due to budget cuts, instead of eleven rings only one 4-foot diameter ring was built, which was installed in Earls Glenarm’s party room, rather than the main entrance.)


ABOVE: First shop drawing. Aerial view of the 9-faceted eleven rings.

In July 2014, Karice began building the first Dodeca. It was crafted using genuine brass sheet – a very difficult material to work with, which presented a whole new set of challenges. Not only is brass nearly impossible to weld, it is also very, very expensive. Knowing this, Karice recommended – and proceeded with – thin gauge brass mounted onto a steel sub-frame.

The manufacturing process of the Dodeca light was very challenging, both the metalwork and lighting required refined craftsmanship. Through extensive testing, Karice was able to develop a method to weld the exterior brass of the Dodeca in such a way as to eliminate visible seams on the exterior of the light fixture. For the light itself, as it illuminates only the inner face of the fixture (pointing inwards), careful consideration was given to the use of LEDs to eliminate hotspots and ensure the light was diffused evenly.

The end result was spectacular. The Dodeca light is a beauty: simple, elegant, and classy. Earls was very happy.

Matthew McCormick liked it, too. So much so that he went to work marketing it. In the Spring of 2015, Karice manufactured two new versions of the Dodeca light for Matthew McCormick Design: three 3-foot diameter lights for Evoke Design (Vancouver, BC) and three 6-foot diameter lights for Deerfoot Mall (Calgary, AB). That summer, we revised the design even further, as McCormick wanted a sleeker, thinner, more refined look. New shop drawings, and new design innovations were crafted by the team at Karice for the six new custom lights that were shipped to the new Cactus Club Cafe in Toronto and a single Dodeca fixture for the new Kit and Ace store on 4th Ave in Kitsilano, Vancouver.  A final version was made for Matthew McCormick in October 2015, for the LAMP (“Lighting Architecture Movement Project”) International Lighting Design Competition in Vancouver, BC.

Although the concept began with the Earls design team, the end product had little similarity to the initial idea. Karice’s development of the Dodeca went so far beyond the scope of this project that Karice actually created an entire series of original lights using the intellectual property they created.

All fixture design, product development, and manufacturing of the Dodeca light were completed by Karice Enterprises at the Karice facility in Surrey, BC.  Powder coating and other finishing methods were outsourced by Karice to local vendors.