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Benefits of Chandelier Lighting – Modern, Rustic & Quality Comparison
Benefits of Chandelier Lighting – Modern, Rustic & Quality Comparison 150 150 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

There are many benefits of chandelier lighting. Not only do they create ambient lighting, but they’re also decorative pieces. Chandeliers can add a fancy touch, bring on the wow factor, create a focal point or set the tone in a space. Another bonus is that they won’t crowd your restaurant, shop or showroom as they are hung from the ceiling.

Benefits of Modern vs Rustic Chandelier Lighting – Explore the Various Types of Chandelier Lighting

Aesthetics-wise, limitless style possibilities are a big plus when it comes to custom lights, and chandeliers are no exception. Whether you’re in the market for upscale or more affordable / “cheap chandelier lighting, there are tons of options ranging from modern to rustic.

With modern chandelier lighting, think sleek and striking masterpieces – hanging works of art that usually combine metal and glass and feature clean lines and geometric forms. If you’re going for a lodge or cabin feel, rustic chandelier lighting can make that statement for you using materials like stained wood and metal. For added depth and an added country feel, finishes with a relaxed and rugged quality to them are great options.

Reasons to Buy Chandelier Lighting for Sale From a Custom Lighting Manufacturer Instead of Vendors Such as Costco and IKEA

Shopping at retail vendors like Costco and IKEA may be intriguing, especially if there is a sale, but those types of establishments are really best served for home and small office lighting. For a restaurant, retail space, showroom or shop you will need industrial grade design, materials, construction and installation to ensure the safety of your clients and customers. Choosing a skilled manufacturer like Karice will ensure that your chandelier lighting is durable and well maintained for many years to come. Karice also manufactures all parts needed for each job, right in house which adds to the durability. Manufacturing all parts in house also means turnaround times are much faster as parts do not need to be ordered. The dedicated, experienced team at Karice is a far superior choice for your establishment compared to cheap chandelier lighting design, production and DIY installation that is typically offered in retail chains. Another benefit of choosing a custom lighting and metal work manufacturer like Karice is that you can choose some materials and assist with the design process to create a chandelier that will be perfect for your space.

Experience the Benefits of Chandelier Lighting Fixtures in Your Restaurant, Retail Chain or Shop, Including Indoor and Outdoor Lighting – Contact us about our Chandeliers for Sale

Karice has been a custom lighting and metal work manufacturer for over 30 years and are an award winning industry leader. Rely on their master craftsmanship to create your very own custom chandelier and lighting fixtures. Chandeliers are perfect for restaurant dining rooms, hotel entrances, retail spaces, showrooms and anywhere where you would like to add a sophisticated touch; even outdoor lighting is an option. Check out the custom lighting collection by Karice – you can order any one of these you like! You can also have a custom chandelier made. Contact Karice today by email or by phone at 604-542-7137 and experience the benefits of chandelier lighting.

Halo Light – Circline Bulb Contemporary Light Design
Halo Light – Circline Bulb Contemporary Light Design 1024 410 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

The Halo light is a complicated piece that brings a circline bulb from the 1950s back to life with a modern and contemporary lighting design.

Our industrial design and product development for the Halo light was some of our most exhaustive to date. We were given a circline bulb and an undeveloped idea: to build a custom light feature that looked like champagne bubbles. It proved to be a formidable challenge!

It all started in September 2014. Karice sat down with the client – Matthew McCormick Studios – and drew up some concepts of how to bring his idea to life. Before we did the industrial design, we first wanted to ensure that what we were envisioning accurately matched what he was looking for. Once our pencil drawings were approved (by the end of the meeting!), we went to work.

Karice began its development process using Auto CAD drafting to design a custom box to hold the circline bulb. Not only did it have to fit the electronic ballast, but Karice wanted to create one product for all three different sizes of circline bulbs. Our first attempt was with steel. Using our OMAX waterjet machining centre, we cut the components needed to create the box, and several prototype models were developed. After many trials, we finally came up with a CNC machined two piece aluminum box.

The final finishing details still had to be worked out. McCormick wanted a brass look, but brass is very expensive. To reduce costs, Karice recommended aluminum with gold anodizing. Careful attention was given to apply a fine brushed finish on all exterior surfaces of the box. The box edges were then chamfered to give an elegant fine look.

After creating the single Halo pendant, Karice’s next task was to create a chandelier fixture that mimicked the bubbles in champagne. To achieve this, Karice designed and developed a large 30-inch circular metal canopy that allowed ten Halo pendants to hang simultaneously. Using various sizes of circline bulbs at varying heights, Karice created the final Halo fixture that showcased in the Bottega VIP Lounge at IDS West 2014.

All fixture and industrial design, product and component development, manufacturing, and certification of the non-dimmable Halo light were completed by Karice at its facility in Surrey (near Vancouver, BC, Canada). Powder coating and anodizing were outsourced by Karice to local vendors.

Affordable Luxury Chandeliers for Sale – Benefits and How to Order
Affordable Luxury Chandeliers for Sale – Benefits and How to Order 150 150 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

If you are looking to buy affordable luxury chandeliers for sale, we have an exclusive collection to choose from or you can create your own design and we will build a custom chandelier for you. We are a lighting manufacturer and can build just about anything you can dream up.

Chandeliers are widely known for their elegant and extravagant feel, so many people would think that they are also very pricey. While that is the case for some, we aim to provide quality and value in every product we manufacture. When shopping around for a lighting manufacturer, price is always something to consider. When doing so, be cautious of a manufacturer that has prices that seem way too cheap and too good to be true. Quite often, this means that corners are being cut and your chandelier may not work correctly or last as long as it should.

At Karice, you are sure to purchase a luxurious chandelier that fits your budget and will last for many years to come. We can even design a chandelier, install it and provide regular maintenance, which is little to none.

Benefits of Purchasing Affordable Luxury Chandeliers for Sale

Shopping for affordable luxury chandeliers for sale can be overwhelming given the range and variety of options in the market. At Karice we are a trusted industry leader. One of the benefits from purchasing a chandelier from is is the experience we bring to the table and the speed in which we can deliver an end product to you.

Our chandeliers are timeless classic statement pieces that will draw people into your space and will help your customers and clients to enjoy your ambiance.

Contact us to order One or More Affordable Luxury Chandeliers for Sale

If you would like to buy one or more of our affordable luxury chandeliers for salecontact us for more information on how to order. Specializing in custom lighting manufacturing makes us one of the best places to buy chandeliers online. If you have a specific chandelier design in mind we would be thrilled to take on your project. We are also the only chandelier manufacturer that can build large scale chandeliers! Give us a call at 604-542-7137 send us an email. We would love to hear from you. We are located in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Where to Buy Large Contemporary Chandeliers for Sale – Custom Lighting Manufacturer
Where to Buy Large Contemporary Chandeliers for Sale – Custom Lighting Manufacturer 150 150 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

If you are wondering where to buy large contemporary chandeliers, it can be difficult to know where to shop since there are so many choices. It is always best to focus on quality and reliability. You will not only save money, but your large chandelier will last much longer and be easier to maintain. We are a custom large chandelier manufacturer with many years of lighting and metalwork experience. All of our products and parts are built right in house in our state of the art facility. We can build a chandelier for you in just about any shape, size, or material.

Spotting Great Deals / Sales on Modern or Contemporary Chandeliers vs Buying Direct from a Quality Manufacturer

Spotting a great deal from among different companies offering various chandelier models may be tempting, but you get what you pay for. It is best to avoid cheap, generally speaking, because chances are the quality is lacking. You can get the best value for your money by going directly to a manufacturer. We have many different modern chandeliers for sale. When you choose Karice, you will benefit from our experience as we will:

  • take a look at your design and suggest improvements
  • create a design for you  based on your vision or even
  • sell one of our exclusive, award winning chandeliers to you

Some Noteworthy Types of Chandeliers for Your Restaurant’s Dining Room, Your Showroom or Any Space You Wish to Elevate

Contemporary chandeliers are a popular choice for many establishments, but there are also many other styles to chose from. Though we specialize in metal work, we can work with many different materials to build different chandeliers including:

  • modern glass chandeliers
  • crystal art chandeliers
  • elegant pendant chandeliers

Contact Us About Our Large Contemporary Chandeliers for Sale Today

Contact us for more information about our large contemporary chandeliers or to get an estimate on a new project. We also do metal work and architectural metal design. Call us today at 604-542-7137, email us or drop by our manufacturing facility at #101-19057 25th Ave. Surrey, BC V3S 3V2.

Adjustable Low Voltage Pendant Chandelier – Where to Buy
Adjustable Low Voltage Pendant Chandelier – Where to Buy 150 150 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

Adjustable low voltage pendant chandelier lighting is an elegant way to light up an indoor or outdoor space. Our custom lighting solutions are easy to install and are easy to maintain. We are a manufacturer that designs and makes custom lighting, architectural metal and metal work pieces. Our unique lighting fixtures, chandeliers, low voltage outdoor pendant lighting, art installations, etc are made to impress. Our craftsmanship is precise, and trustworthy. Our attention to detail is high, our materials are durable and the end product is of the highest quality. We can make just about any kind of chandelier you want, from geometric shapes to crystal.

Buy Various Low Voltage Track Lighting Parts for Chandeliers, Including Heads and Transformers (More than Meets the Eye)

If you are looking to find tech lighting pendant parts for sale for your chandelier, we are happy to take a look at your current lighting situation and offer solutions to you. However, our primary focus is in building custom chandeliers and related lighting products. When you choose us as your manufacturer, all pendant parts such as low voltage track lighting heads and the track lighting transformer are included. We design and build all parts right in house and can even install and maintain your lighting for you.

One bonus of working with us from the very beginning is that if you decide to add more lighting to your space, we can easily manufacture however many more additions you need.

Good Quality Chandeliers vs “Cheap” – Which is a Better Option for Your Business?

Good quality adjustable chandeliers are a much better choice than cheap chandeliers, because cheap usually means unreliable. When you buy quality chandeliers, you will save money in the long run. You can also avoid lighting malfunction disasters which is essential in an area where your customers frequent.

Where to Buy an Adjustable Low Voltage Pendant Chandelier – Contact Us Today

Now that you know where to buy an adjustable low voltage pendant chandelier, please contact us for more information today. We can be reached by phone at 604-542-7137 or by fax to 604-542-7157. You can also send us an email.

Electron LED Light Fixture
Electron LED Light Fixture 1024 410 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

Introducing the Electron light fixture by Karice. The Electron represents the circular path of an electron around the nucleus of an atom. With simple shape and form this elegant light fixture radiates its light from the outer and inner edges using LED lighting technology. The Electron is available as a single pendant, multiple pendants or as a wall sconce. The Electron is also dimmable and available in a variety of different color temperatures to suit your needs.

Luxennea – Linked LED Chandelier, Custom Lighting
Luxennea – Linked LED Chandelier, Custom Lighting 1024 394 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

Introducing Luxennea – a new lighting series from Karice using LED lighting technology. Energy efficient and elegant, the permanently “linked” Luxennea is suspended by aircraft cables to give the illusion that it is floating in the air.

Inspired by geometric shapes, the Linked Luxennea is the first in this original series, which is the culmination of Karice’s intellectual property on previous projects. The sophistication and craftsmanship of the Luxennea collection is a true reflection of 23 years in the industry.

It’s also big! The large chandelier combines two 5-foot diameter enneagon rings. As viewed in this blog post, the two-ringed Linked Luxennea is 8-feet 6-inches long. (For context, we have photographed the Linked Luxennea above our Novem table, another original piece by Karice.)

The numerous custom components needed to create the Linked Luxennea were designed and manufactured in-house here at Karice. An aluminum extrusion was developed. Special hangers were created to enable handling of the two geometric shapes simultaneously (this was especially needed during the powder coating process), and a unique in-house technology was developed to power the light without wiring.

As shown, the Linked Luxennea is just two rings, but it can be configured with as many links and shapes as desired, suspended in a variety of configurations. The tilted angle can easily be adjusted, and the lights can also be suspended further apart. So from this preset, an infinite number of creative possibilities can be achieved.  The combinations are unlimited.

All fixture design, product development, and manufacturing of the Linked Luxennea were completed by Karice at its facility in Surrey (just outside Vancouver, BC, Canada).  The powder coated finishing was outsourced to local vendors.

DAWN Light Fixture – Custom Brass Chandelier – Design Collaboration
DAWN Light Fixture – Custom Brass Chandelier – Design Collaboration 1024 768 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

Every new light we build is a challenge. The Dawn custom brass light is no exception. The real work in creating any light is how the light works, how it is put together.  As Steve Jobs so succinctly put, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.  Design is how it works”   Such is the case with the DAWN light fixture.   Many complex design details were done by the team at Karice to make the Dawn light fixture work.  The Dawn light fixture was a collaboration between Karice and Matthew McCormick Design.  The vision, or concept was Matthew’s, but the design is by Karice.  Without AutoCAD, without years of manufacturing know how, without the expertise of the team at Karice, the Dawn light fixture would cease to exist.  Similarly, one can have an idea for a novel, this does not make him a novelist.  It is the actual author who is the designer, creator and novelist.  Karice is the author of the Dawn light fixture.  Any subsequent lights are a reverse engineering process of the original model created in December 2014.

Custom Design, DAWN Light Fixture –  The Beauty of Genuine Brass Fabrication

There is nothing that can be compared to the use of genuine brass.  Brass plating and anodized aluminum are attempts to recreate brass, but there is nothing like the REAL thing.  The feel, the look is incomparable. The rich luster of genuine brass is an organic array of hues.

Custom Manufacturing and Challenges in Design

A lot went into this piece. Every single component of this chandelier had to be designed by team Karice from the ground up. The Y-connectors and T-connectors were first drafted in AutoCAD.  Preliminary prototypes were built in aluminum.  Once the final parts were approved, Karice went to work to make the parts using genuine brass.

Beautiful Brass Custom Light called DAWN

In August 2014, lighting designer Matthew McCormick approached Karice with the concept.  A Photoshop image was presented to us as seen below, with some rough approximate dimensions.  Karice designed and developed  the components from the ground up.  We started by drafting a 2D profile on AutoCad. Once the final scale was approved, we brought the part to our CNC machining center to make it into a usable threaded connector.



120025 Lischka Residence Lighting Package CONCEPTS_1


Once all of the brass components were completed, then the real fun began.  How do we make a light look like the photo?   This was literally an experiment in itself, since we had no formal drawings and no dimensions to work with.  We were only given a Photoshop image and a guide line of how big the light should be.  What length should the tubes be? We had no idea.   The light was literally a scratch build, completed in December 2014, while Matthew honeymooned in Bali.

The work that went into this beautiful creation was beyond the call of duty.  Lead designer and maker, Maurice poured his heart and soul into creating the masterpiece.  Every detail was not left to chance.  Maurice even chose to have Matthew’s logo machined into the covers of the connectors.  Such a subtle touch, but only adding to the beauty of the light.

The end result was breathtaking.  A fellow acquaintance, businessman and mill worker commented that he had not seen such a beautiful finish on a light.  He had seen other competitors lights, and mentioned that their finishing did not measure up to what he saw on our shop floor.

Karice has only ever made one Dawn light fixture.  It now resides at a residential home in Calgary, Alberta.























Geometric Light Earls Assembly Row
Geometric Light – Earls Assembly Row
Geometric Light – Earls Assembly Row 1024 678 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

As a custom lighting manufacturer we get the opportunity to work on a wide variety of different lighting projects. A great example of this is the light installation at the Earls Kitchen + Bar on Assembly Row in Boston, called the Geometric. We were asked to manufacture this piece for Matthew Mate Lighting (now Matthew McCormick Studios), who was commissioned by Earls to design a lighting feature for their space.

It all began in December 2013, when the initial sketch by the Earls Design team was brought to Karice by Matthew and Mate. As we refined and developed it, Mate came up with the idea to have the lights tilt at different angles. Brilliant! After a final design was selected, Karice began working on bringing the concept to reality. Shop drawings by Karice were approved by Earls, and Karice went to work.


Frames had to be formed, welded, and cleaned to be ready for powder coating. After welding, the corners had to be ground smooth.

Earls Assembly Row Boston Geometric Light Pre-fit installation top plan view _DSC4042 copy

For the pre-assembly of the twelve Geometric lights prior to powder coating, we suspended them on our mezzanine.


LEDs and diffusers were installed in the powder coated lighting channels.


Final assembly and testing.

After final assembly and testing, the lights were carefully packaged, crated, and shipped to their final destination at Earls Assembly Row in Boston, Massachusetts.


But it didn’t stop there! The concept for the Geometric custom light fixture was further refined by Karice for a future Earls project: the Shattered light installed at Earls Tyson’s Corner in Virginia.

What we enjoy about the custom lighting industry is the challenge! Every light we manufacture is unique and different, which can present many challenges along the way, from concept to the final product. A lot of time is spent designing and developing the light fixture. In some cases, components that don’t even exist need to be designed, prototyped, tested, and produced. What Karice brings to the table is its ability to take the concept to the final product. We do all of the designing, development, and manufacturing in-house. We are able to oversee every aspect of the project to ensure a quality, stunning piece at the end of the day.

Where to Buy Crystal Chandeliers – Choose a Custom Lighting Manufacturer
Where to Buy Crystal Chandeliers – Choose a Custom Lighting Manufacturer 150 150 Karice Lighting - Custom Lighting Vancouver

If you are wondering where to buy crystal chandeliers, there are many places you could try. At Karice, we cater to restaurants, retail spaces and establishments who need an artisan manufacturer to make their vision become a reality. We have quite a large list of custom lighting projects to date. As you can see, we haven’t made any crystal chandeliers but please do send us your project idea and we will let you know if it is something we can do. You may wish to collaborate with our in house Designer & Machinist, Jordan Dery to come up with something that is unique to you.

Crystal Chandeliers are an Elegant and Timeless Lighting Solution

As you know, crystal chandeliers are among some of the most elegant and ornate lighting fixtures in the lighting world. Because of the prisms that crystals make, they are classic pieces that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Benefits of Buying Quality, Genuine Crystal Chandeliers from a Custom Lighting Manufacturer

You may wish to skip on looking for cheap chandeliers for sale on eBay or your local home improvement / lighting store for your establishment.

If you have tried to shop online on places like eBay or your offline at your local lighting or home improvement store, chances are they use imitation crystals. Not only that, but quite often there are large production runs where quality is sacrificed. You may want to seek out specialty or custom lighting manufacturers like Karice so that your lighting will work correctly, last for a long time and you’ll even have the added bonus of being able to customize your chandelier to suit your space.

Fun fact: Karice is the only manufacturing company that can build very large chandeliers

We can build many shapes including round, oval, geometric, teardrop pendants or just about anything that your imagination can come up with.

The expertise and ability to fabricate chandelier parts at Karice means you won’t have to worry about the final product falling short of expectations, both design and performance-wise. We produce quality craftsmanship in all of our products.

Where to Buy Crystal Chandeliers and Chandelier Parts

If you are looking for crystal chandelier parts, depending on what you need to replace, we may be able to help. Coming to us may be an option, especially if you have purchased an expensive piece or many chandeliers where you haven’t been able to find parts for. We might be able to fabricate parts for you, and restore your chandelier or chandeliers to correct working order.

Our brilliance really lies in creating custom works of art, however, we will take on certain projects from time to time where parts may be needed to be fabricated. An example project is where we fabricated two different types of custom loupes and designed our own thread for a local boat company.

Where to Buy Crystal Chandeliers – Contact Us About Our Chandeliers for Sale Today

We hope that this article has helped you choose where to buy crystal chandeliers and invite you to contact us to see if we may be able to take on your project. We have over 30 years of experience as a Canadian manufacturer and all of our master craftsmen are Red Seal Certified. Call us at 604-542-7137 or send us an email today!