Arscity A’Design OLO and ELECTRON 2018 winners

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Arscity A’Design Winners from 2018

Design lamps: the latest trends
When new objects are presented, new furnishing accessories, I know that many of you think:

but with all those who have already been conceived and produced, was there really a need to realize others?

Design competitions like A’Design Award & Competion can help us in this research, because they allow us to discover through the various product categories, all the projects and research that are being done in a given sector by designers from all over the world.

Take, for example, the lighting sector, observing the winners of the A ‘Lighting Products and Projects Design Award category, I noticed some common trends:
– each project has a history behind it, an inspiration linked to the history, culture, traditions of a given country , we observe what surrounds us and we try to rework it, respond to a problem or simply we are inspired by an aesthetic or functional aspect;

– technological advances are often inspired by the creation of new models , a material worked in a different way, the development of a new application, many can be the ideas that a designer can grasp to achieve something new and never seen.

20 new design lamp projects were selected to show you on the Blog.