Olah Sconce wins GOLD

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Olah Sconce Wins Gold
Olah is a wall sconce designed and created in February 2018. The design of the light began in January of 2018 and was finalized to launch at Buildex in February 2018.
Olah reveals the depths of refinement. Conceived from two of our award-winning creations, Olah takes aesthetic inspiration from a previously co-designed pendant and efficient engineering from the Electron Wall Sconce to bring a new luminaire to life. The new wall sconce marries technological innovation with sleek and sophisticated design. Olah illuminates on a ring without visible fasteners, giving a clean finished aesthetic. The light was conceived, created, and crafted by our design team. What is incredibly unique about the new design is its versatility in hanging options. The light can be mounted in four different ways. What you receive is literally four lights in one.
Olah Sconce Wins Gold
The process is always the same. An idea is conceived, and the first step is to draft the design in Auto CAD. A 2-D drawing is created and refined. Later, CNC Programs are written to machine the parts. Parts are machined out of billet aluminum, finished, test fitted and sent for anodizing. After parts are anodized, the light is assembled, wired, inspected and certified.
The challenge of this lighting design was to eliminate, entirely, any visible fasteners. What did it take to enable our designer to come up with a solution? Equipped, with 25 years running his own business and 40 years in the design and manufacturing industry, this has enabled us to have solutions to design and engineer the products we create. A solution was conceived, drafted, implemented, tested, and the results were 100% success.
The light illuminates using a circuline, fluorescent bulb. The bulb is part of the lighting design. We have used both an 8” diameter and a 9” diameter bulb, depending on the configuration.
Great ideas are common, but excellent execution is rare. If you are not equipped with the ability to bring an idea to life, then that is all the idea is, an illusion. Through the execution process, design must evolve. It evolves to bring design and function together to create a working product. At Karice, our lead designer is not only equipped with the vision, but he possesses the skills, knowledge and expertise to bring that vision to life.