DODECA LED PENDANT LIGHT - A New Twist on a Circular Design


The Dodeca, aptly named after a Dodecagon,  is a twelve sided faceted light fixture.  A simple, yet elegant and classy design, the light is sure to enhance your living space.  The original Dodeca was a design collaboration with Karice, the Earls Design Team and Matthew McCormick.  The first Dodeca, hangs in the Earls Glen Arm location in Denver, CO.

The light is composed 12 facets on the outside diameter, and a simple circle on the inside diameter.

The light is illuminated with LEDs that gives the light high lumen efficiency, low power consumption, and long life.

Standard offering is 28″, 35″ and 46″ diameter.  Custom sizes available up to 6ft diameter.

Multiple finish options available