With the IDS Vancouver show approaching Karice went to work to design and create lighting that could be showcased at the 2016 affair. We wanted to create lighting that was functional and designed for today’s market.

Suspended by a single wire, the FUSE pendant light fixture appears to be floating in mid-air. As you’ll notice, there are no power cables or visible fasteners. It has been designed to hide all ‘visual pollution’ to give the highest aesthetic quality.

The fixture is made using custom machined aluminum top and bottom.  It is illuminated from both its inner core and a down light.  Energy efficient LED technology is employed to light up this masterpiece.

Lead designer at Karice designed this light from the ground up, wanting to create lighting fitting for today’s interiors.


Aluminum and acrylic
16 in x 2 in diameter Aluminum Pendant
Energy-efficient LED illumination
Total size: 2in x  by 16in tall