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HALO Pendant Light - inspired by an Italian Prosecco

a sculptural masterpiece


The Halo pendant light is our new release of an already popular lighting design.  Inspired by an Italian Proscecco,  our light is resembles the bubbles found in a glass of champagne.  A sculptural creation that uses a circuline bulb to create beauty in lighting illumination.  The light was designed by Karice in collaboration with Matthew McCormick.

The light is composed of a precisely machined aluminum box that houses the electronic ballast and can fit all three sizes of a circuline bulb.

Suspended in multiples creates a fascinating display of light.

Standard offering is 8″, 12″ and 16″ diameter circuline Bulbs.  Multiple hanging configurations can be made.

Multiple finish options available.  Shown here is anodized light gold.