HARMONY LIGHT - A Mid-Century Classic Design


Harmony is a mid-century classic lighting design.  This project was a design collaboration with Yoko Ishihara of Wilson Ishihara Design and Karice Enterprises who brought the concept to life.  The original idea for this light was conceived for the Hahn Family Wines Tasting Room in Carmel, California.

The light is composed of two triads.  In music we have a harmonic triad, and hence we named our light “HARMONY”.

Six lamps are arranged around a central focal point in an elliptical array.  The size is 74″ x 54″ and is suited for a larger scale room.  Finished in a gloss black, the genuine brass accents are a prominent feature that add beauty to the design.  Each shade is carefully finished by hand to offer the contrasting bronze color.   The design uses LED replacement bulbs for maximum energy efficiency.

Lighting Collection Specification drawings for Catalogue REVISED with LOGO HARMONY-01 (L)

(x6) lamps
(x2) triads of three lights

Size 74″ x 54″ x 45″ high
E26 socket for LED replacement bulb