OLO Pendant LIght


In preparation for the IDS Vancouver 2016 show Karice went to work in a big way to produce six brand new lighting designs.  Karice was very busy indeed to get all of the new lights designed and crafted for the show. 

OLO was inspired by the connector we had used on our Electron Tri-Pendant.  We loved the shape, and chose to make a light using the oval shape.  We employed the use of acrylic for the diffuser to eliminate the seismic concern one has when using glass.

OLO was designed in house by lead designer and maker Maurice L. Dery.  The light uses LED technology to promote energy efficiency.



Aluminum and acrylic
3.5″ long x 1.5″ diameter
Energy-efficient LED illumination
Total Height: variable

OLO Pendant Light
OLO LED Pendant
OLO LED Pendant